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About me

I am a Nursery School teacher and was working in Day Care Center with 14 children in my group aged 1.5 to 6 years in Vienna, Austria. Right now, I am working with a family in Palma de Mallorca and will be self-employed again as Professional Nanny from beginning of June.

My daily duties as a Nursery School teacher included:
I took care of 14 children from early in the morning till the afternoon. The kindergarten is well-equipped with numerous games, toys, and a wide range of books including Montessori material. The kids enjoyed when I was read to them, but what they loved the most is when we either danced together to some children songs, which are not only funny but also pedagogically valuable, or sing in a circle to all of the songs I have taught them so far.
So the morning is actually the time when the kids are given an opportunity to learn new things or repeat what we did the other day. Then the kids are given some free time to play games, or with toys of their own choice. Before we tidy up the playroom and get ready for lunch, we again have fun singing and dancing. After lunch the younger kids take a nap, and the older ones stay with my colleague while I cleaned up the kitchen and dining-area and prepared the afternoon snack for them. In the afternoon we liked to spend plenty of time outside in a nice green garden at our Day Care Center. Reference available!

In the years as a self-employed Nanny, I was working for 4 Austrian lawyer families. I was taking care of one girl and two boys age between 12- and 15 months old Mondays to Fridays for the first two years and the other two years I was working full time for a family with one girl and a baby boy (he was 3 months old as I started).
Reference available!

Before that I was working for an Italian diplomatic family located in Vienna (with 2 girls aged 2 and 3,5 years) and I was with them for one year.
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In addition, I have obtained a certificate in childcare and successfully completed all mandatory courses. Working with children, playing, and teaching them is something I have always loved; moreover, I love to see them grow up and learn many new things in only a short period of time. There would be much more to say how exciting and fun it is for me to work with children.